History of The Tipsy Bee

The Tipsy Bee, Inc. was born out of the simple joy of baking. After earning two undergraduate degrees and two master’s degrees, Christian Lanier Mills decided to make a career out of her passion for desserts. Paired with her love to bake, Christian also had a strong desire to demonstrate her belief that organic and all-natural ingredients make the highest quality products.

The Name

In the summer of 2010, Christian, her mom and her aunt went on a day trip to Morehead City, N.C. Christian began talking about how she wanted to own a business. Particularly, she wanted her business to sell jams and jellies, one of which would be called “Daiquiri Jelly.” Chatting about the idea and playing with names, her aunt mentioned she had a recipe for Bumbleberry jam. All three ladies in a jovial mood, Christian’s mom laughed and said she could just see a bee flying above the jar of “Daiquiri Jelly” and becoming drunk from the scent of it. Jokingly, she suggested the business be called “The Drunken Bee.” Christian suggested “The Tipsy Bee” sounded better. Cute, catchy and Southern, The Tipsy Bee name encompassed the various products Christian hoped to sell – and the name stuck!

The Uncle Ray House

Christian grew up attending the school where her mother taught in the neighboring school district. However, in middle school, her parents decided to place her in community school. In the afternoons, Christian would ride the bus to her great aunt and uncle’s house. She enjoyed her time raking leaves, gardening, baking and swinging on the front porch swing. Her great aunt and uncle later passed away and her father bought the house and land from their children. Christian never stopped loving the house and the memories she created there. Her father rented the house, and she wanted nothing more than to live there one day.

After graduate school, Christian moved home to Chinquapin with hopes of renovating and living in her great aunt and uncle’s house. Before she was able to do so, The Tipsy Bee, Inc. was born. She wanted the store front to be in a location that captured the personality of The Tipsy Bee, Inc. The “Uncle Ray” house, as her family called it, did exactly that. Peaceful and pretty, the house Christian loved so much encompassed everything she wanted The Tipsy Bee, Inc. to represent. Today, Christian hopes that the wonderful memories that fill the house will be shared by those who visit.

Since then, the Tipsy Bee has moved to a new location just next door to the Uncle Ray House in a brand new building. The new building is also on family land.