Nurse. Pastry chef. Apiarist.
4 degrees. 1 woman. A whole lotta sugar.

Christian discovered her passion for baking at an early age with a career spanning back to preschool. She received her first “oven” – an Easy Bake, like most girls her age – for Christmas when she was 3 years old. She began spending her time baking cakes and making fudge in miniature pans that her mom purchased. When she wasn’t baking in her own oven, Christian helped her grandmother, Mama Bell, make sea foam candy, pound cakes and sheet cakes.

By age 4, Christian had baked her first large cake for her preschool class with the help of her father Doug. Already, Christian had an eye for design. She dressed up her strawberry cake with a smiley face and presented “the prettiest cake in the whole world.”

Baking took a back seat for Christian until graduate school. Throughout college, she moved around to Raleigh, West Virginia, Kentucky and back to Greenville, always looking for the best bakeries at each new location. In graduate school, she began reading recipe books. Interested in the local foods movement and passionate about cake, Christian turned to baking to relax.

She soon began experimenting, baking with free range eggs and organic dairy products. Her discovery? The desserts she baked were richer and more decadent with fewer chemicals and all of the fat (after all, that’s what dessert is for!) This determination led to Christian’s strong belief that organic and all-natural ingredients truly do make the highest quality products.

While studying for her nurse practitioner boards in August of 2010, she took a cake decorating class at a local craft store just for fun. Shortly after, The Tipsy Bee, Inc. was born. Christian hopes to teach people about farming, her family’s cattle herd and of course, the importance of honey bees!